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4/28 Space tourism, Muller, and seeing the forest and trees.

First Space Tourist (2001)
The era of commercial space flight began on April 28, 2011 when American businessman Dennis Tito paid for a ride on a Russian Soyuz rocket and visited the International space station.  Tito reported paid $20 million for his eight days in space.

Johannes Peter Müller died (1858)
Johannes Müller (1801 – 1858) was a German physician who studied anatomy and physiology.  He is considered one of the pioneers of modern comparative anatomy.   He studied the nerves in order to learn about the senses.  He discovered that each sense responds to stimuli in its own way and carried the information to the brain along specific paths.  A good example of this is that when you close your eyes and gently press on your eyelids, you think you see light even in the dark.  The nerves from the eyes carry the sensory information from the pressure placed on the eye along the same paths as the information for light is normally carried.  The brain interprets any signal coming down that path as vision and tries to create an image with it.

Forest and Trees
The US Forest Service and the Ad Council  developed a website dedicated to connecting young people with our forests and parks. The page contains lesson plans and activities for grades K-4, grades 5 – 8, and grades 9 -12. You can also visit to find a forest near you, browse the photo gallery and download outdoor activities.

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