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4/2 Rorschach ink blots, photographs of the sun, the first flight, and math awareness month

Hermann Rorschach died (1922)
Hermann Rorschach (1884 – 1922) was a Swiss psychiatrist that developed the Rorschach inkblot test as a psychological diagnostic tool.  Rorschach felt that you could learn about what a person is subconsciously thinking by evaluating what they see in ambiguous shaped created by ink blots. (Rorschach blot #7 from Wikimedia Commons).

First photograph of the Sun (1845)
In 1845, French physicists Louis Fizeau and Leon Foucault used the new daguerreotype photography technique to take the first successful photograph of the sun. The image was able to show several sunspots.

Clement Ader was born (1841)
Clement Ader (1841 – 1925) was a self-taught  French engineer and inventor.  There are claims that he completed the first powered flight in his Ader Eole aircraft, which traveled 160 feet in 1890 (13 years before the Wright Brother’s flight).   He is also to have reportedly flown 900 feet in 1897 in his Ader Avion No. 3.    who is best known for making the first powered flight in his Éole aircraft – 13 years before the Wright Brothers’ flight.

Celebrating Mathematics Awareness Month

Math Goodies:
Math Awareness Month is celebrated each year in April, and is sponsored by the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics. The goal of MAM is to increase public awareness and understanding of mathematics. This year’s theme is Unraveling Complex Systems. We will explore questions such as: How do epidemics spread, birds flock, and stock markets operate?  Learn about the math behind the human heart and the economic impacts from catastrophic events. We invite you to explore these and other complex systems with us. MAM 2011 activities can be found below!

Helping your child learn math

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