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Science In My Life is maintained by John R. Hoffman, Professor of Biology and a scientist examining the recovery of the nervous system after injury.

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2/26 Grand Teton, Dow, Zoom into Engineering

Grand Teton National Park established (1929)
Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming was established in 1929 and expanded in 1950.  You can view a  live webcam of Grand Teton mountain from the Idaho side.  You can listen to the wildlife podcasts created by the Fifth Grade students at Schneckenburger Elementary from the Jefferson Parish Public School System in Louisiana.

Herbert Henry Dow born (1866)
Herbert Henry Dow established the Dow Chemical Company in Midland Michigan.  He developed processes for extracting  bromine and other chemicals from sea water.

Celebrate National Engineers Week February 20 – 26, 2011

Activity: Aspire SWE K-12 Outreach
Engineering is innovation . . . it’s invention . . . it’s one of the most exciting and essential fields there is. In order to help engineering thrive and remain diverse, we need to share the excitement with girls in grades K-12. Education and awareness must start now, well before college. The future is in our hands. Help us place it in theirs.  The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) strives to diversify the field of engineering by encouraging girls in grades K-12 to capture the spirit of innovation and open their eyes and minds to a rewarding multi-faceted profession.

ZOOM into Engineering:
How do you get kids excited about engineering? Give them the opportunity to try ZOOM’s fun, kid-friendly activities with real engineers! A joint project of ZOOM and National Engineers Week, ZOOM has created materials for engineers to use with kids in classrooms, after-school programs, libraries, and even malls!

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