Science In My Life is maintained by John R. Hoffman, Professor of Biology and a scientist examining the recovery of the nervous system after injury.

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A relaunch of the Science in My Life site is coming on January 1, 2013

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9/28 Hubble, Pasteur, and Thompson

What American astronomer that discovered galaxies beyond our own died on this day in 1953?  What archaeologist that explored sacred cenotes was born on this day? Visit Science in my Life for September 28 to find out.


5/7 AMA, Fabricius, Endeavour, and Space Day

What does the American Medical Association do?  Who was Fabricius?  When was the shuttle Endeavour first launched? What is Space Day?  Visit Science in my Life for May 7 to find out.


5/06 Hindenburg, Chunnel, MRI, and National Public Gardens Day

What happened to the German dirigible Hindenburg?  How was the Chunnel constructed?  Who invented the MRI machine?  What is National Public Gardens Day?  Visit Science in my Life for May 6 to find out.


4/29 Celebrating Arbor Day

Visit Science in my Life for April 29 for ideas, activities, and lesson plans for Arbor Day.


4/28 Space tourism, Muller, and seeing the forest and trees.

Who was the world’s first space tourist?  What German physician studied the nerves carrying sensations to the brain.  In preparation for Arbor Day, visit activities on forests and trees.  Visit Science in my Life for April 28 to find out.


4/27 Carothers and the creation of the universe?

Who led the research team at Dupont that invented both nylon and neoprene?  What renowned scientist thought the universe was created on this day in 4977 B.C.? Visit Science in my Life for April 27 to find out.


4/26 Richter Scale Day, Chernobyl nuclear accident, and earthquake activities for kids

What caused the Chernobyl nuclear accident?  Who was Charles Richter?  How can you teach students about earthquakes?  Visit Science in my Life for April 26 to find out.


4/25 Suez Canal, Marconi, and Celsius

When was the Suez Canal constructed?  What did Marconi invent?  What was the temperature that Anders Celsius said that water should boil at?  Visit Science in my Life for April 25?


4/24 Hubble, Dong Fang Hong I, Komarov, and Amazing Space

How long has the Hubble Space Telescope been collecting images of deep space?  What song did the first Chinese satellite play?  How did Vladimir Komarov die?  What is so amazing about the Amazing Space website? Visit Science in my Life for April 24 to find out.

Vladimir Komarov